Account Qualification Information

Welcome to the Concordia University MyProfile Account Qualification Information Center

The MyProfile site is here to assist you with creating and managing two important technology credentials used by Concordia University Portland and Concordia Online:

  • Your Network Username & Password
  • Your MyCU ID & PIN

What is a Network Username & Password?

A Network Username & Password is the primary credential used by current CU students, employees and stakeholders to access networks systems, including but not limited to:

  • E-mail
  • Computer access on campus & in computer labs
  • Intranet
  • WebCT & Blackboard Online Learning Systems
A Network Username is typically the first initial(s) of your first name, and your last name together, such as jsmith or biclinton. Your password is a string of characters that you select when creating your account or changing your password and is at least 5 characters in length.

Only a limited group of qualified persons are given Network Usernames and Passwords. To qualify you must be at least one of the following:

  • A currently registered and/or enrolled student
  • A future student with a paid admission deposit
  • A current Part or Full Time employee
  • An instructor contracted to teach a current course
  • A stakeholder specifically invited access to the CU network
  • You do NOT need a Username/Password credential for MyCU access (see below)

What is a MyCU ID & PIN?

A MyCU ID & PIN is the credential used by present and past students, employees, alumni, donors and other stakeholders. The MyCU system provides access to secure information such as:

  • Address and contact information
  • Grades and course information
  • Student and employee records, tax information, and more...
A MyCU ID is a unique alphanumeric identifier that is 9 characters long and starts with a G, such as G00123456 and can be found on many printed material such as transcripts, course schedules, payment receipts and ID badges. The MyCU PIN can be a number or alphanumeric and is generated initially but can be changed within the MyCU system at any time.

All employees, students, instructors, alumni, donors and many stakeholders have a MyCU ID and PIN that can be used to access historical records about your student or employment history, to make payments or donations, and to update contact information or other records. The MyCU system is not directly associated with the Network Username/Password credential because it is used by all Concordia community members past, present and future, whereas the Network credential is for current active users only.

Frequent Questions

What is MyProfile? The MyProfile system was developed by the Concordia IT department to provide multiple methods to authenticate using your username/password, MyCU ID/PIN, Security Questions, E-mail based recovery keys and more, to allow you multiple self-help ways of accessing and managing your credentials and performing tasks suchs as looking up your ID or changing your password 24/7/365 without needing to contact the Technology Help Desk. In the future, the MyProfile system will also include additional self-management tools for services related to your credentials such as managing E-mail addresses and requesting access to special resources.

I am a current, qualified and active user, why can't I use my Network Username & Password for access to MyCU? Unforunately the MyCU system is relatively proprietary in nature for both security reasons and to allow access to a larger audience than beyond current users. We are in the process of finding an effective and secure way to allow you access the MyCU system with your Network credential, but at this time, two credentials are still necessary. You can manage your MyCU ID & PIN here within the MyProfile system using your Network Username & Password.

We're here to help. Click here to e-mail the Tech Center, or call (503) 493-6300.
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