MyProfile Authentication

MyProfile Authentication Page

Don't remember your credential, or don't have one yet? No problem! This page will help you gain access to the MyProfile Control Panel. Once you have authenticated, you will be able to:

  • Find your Network Username & Status
  • Reset your Network Password
  • Find your MyCU ID Number
  • Look-up your MyCU PIN
  • Create a Network Username/Password
  • Manage your CU Technology credentials and services
Let's get started!

To assist you, I need to know who you are. Please select one of the following items to use to identify you and fill in the box provided:

E-mail Address
Network Username (example: jsmith)
MyCU ID (example: G00123456)

We're here to help. Click here to e-mail the Tech Center, or call (503) 493-6300.
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